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This is an open Call for Proposals, where all documents are submitted together (Concept Note and Full Application Form).


The 1st Call for Proposals under the Territorial Cooperation Programme Belarus - Ukraine is being launched on 20th of January 2016. The deadline for submitting proposals is 19th of April 2016.


Programme area

Project activities have to be located in the following eligible areas:

Ukraine: oblast Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv 

Belarus: oblast Brest, Gomel


Programme Objectives and Priorities

The overall objective of the territorial cooperation programme Belarus - Ukraine is to strengthen cross border contacts between local authorities, communities and civil society organizations to help develop joint solutions to common social and economic development challenges.


Thematic coverage: Operational Objectives

The territorial cooperation programme Belarus - Ukraine addresses local development needs and focuses on the following three operational objectives and related priority issues:


Operational Objective 1 - Improving the living conditions of local communities in the border regions through joint projects supporting economic and social development

a) Support to small- and medium-size enterprises (SME) by enhancing business-related information infrastructure with special focus on cross-border trade
b) Raising the touristic and investment attraction of the regions
c) Human capital and employment, career guidance for youth, social inclusion of disabled

Operational Objective 2 - Addressing common challenges in the fields of environment, employment, public health and any other field of common interest having a cross border dimension

a) Joint monitoring and information exchange on environmental situation, energy saving, renewable energy sources, and waste management

b) Public health – disease prevention and early diagnostics

Operational Objective 3 - Culture, education, and sports

a) Preservation of cultural and historic heritage, promotion of cooperation in the areas of culture and sport



The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is € 3,300,000.


Any grant requested under this Call for Proposals must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

minimum amount: € 60,000

maximum amount: € 250,000


Submission of Proposals

Applications must be submitted in one original and 2 copies in A4 size, each bound. The complete application form (Part A: concept note and Part B: full application form), budget and logical framework must also be supplied in electronic format (CD-ROM) in a separate and single file (i.e. the application form must not be split into several different files). The electronic file must contain exactly the same application as the paper version enclosed.

Applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope by registered mail, private courier service or by hand-delivery (a signed and dated certificate of receipt will be given to the deliverer) at the address below:


Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation - Managing Authority

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

44, Velyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiyska) Street

01004 Kiev



Applicants may pose questions to the Managing Authority as regards the call for proposals in writing to the following email address:


Information sessions

Information sessions on this Call for Proposals will be held on:

01.02.2016: Brest

02.02.2016: Pinsk 

03.02.2016: Gomel

04.02.2016: Chernihiv

08.02.2016: Zhytomyr

09.02.2016: Kyiv or Bila Tserkva

15.02.2016: Rivne

16.02.2016: Lutsk

The time and venue of the events are indicated on the registration form. The link for the registration for the Information Days events will follow shortly.


More information and the application package

  • EaPTC Guidelines for Applicants_Be-Ua_ENG.pdf

    983.26 kb, PDF, Download
  • EaPTC Guidelines for Applicants_Be-Ua_RUS.pdf

    1142.2 kb, PDF, Download
  • Annex A_Grant Application Form с подстрочным переводом.docx

    236.14 kb, DOCX, Download
  • Annex B_budget - с подстрочным переводом.xls

    84 kb, XLS, Download
  • Annex C_logframe с подстрочным переводом..doc

    78 kb, DOC, Download
  • FAQ_BY-UA_updated Apr 08.pdf

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Documents to be completed

  • Annex A_Grant Application Form.docx

    146.86 kb, DOCX, Download
  • Annex B_budget.xls

    77 kb, XLS, Download
  • Annex C_logframe.doc

    52 kb, DOC, Download
  • Annex D_lefcompany.pdf

    603.07 kb, PDF, Download
  • Annex D_lefpublic.pdf

    517.97 kb, PDF, Download
  • Annex E_fif.pdf

    521.99 kb, PDF, Download

Documents for information

  • Annex II_gencond.pdf

    373.45 kb, PDF, Download
  • Annex III_speccond.doc

    176.5 kb, DOC, Download
  • Annex IX_transferassetsownership.doc

    52 kb, DOC, Download
  • Annex L Partnership Agreement.docx

    58.13 kb, DOCX, Download
  • Annex V_requestpay.doc

    44 kb, DOC, Download
  • Annex VI_finalreport.docx

    33.18 kb, DOCX, Download
  • Annex VI_financialreport.xls

    309.5 kb, XLS, Download
  • Annex VI_interreport.doc

    73.5 kb, DOC, Download
  • Annex VII _expendverif.doc

    131 kb, DOC, Download
  • Annex IV_awardproc.doc

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  • GIZ_PerDiems_2016.pdf

    725.15 kb, PDF, Download

Info-days presentations

  • 1_General info_BY-UA_rus.ppt

    1214 kb, PPT, Download
  • 2_Eligibility_criteria_BY-UA_rus.pptx

    504.45 kb, PPTX, Download
  • 3_Evaluation_BY-UA_rus.pptx

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  • 4_Annex_C_Logframe_BY-UA_rus.ppt

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  • 5_Annex A_Application_Form_BY-UA_rus.pptx

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  • 6_Annex B_Budget_BY-UA_rus.ppt

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