EaP Territorial Cooperation Programmes – Calls for Proposals

Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation

Under each of the four Territorial Cooperation Programmes there will be one call for proposals. These calls for proposals will be organised by the Managing Authority of the EaPTC Programme. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH acts in the capacity of the Managing Authority with its offices in Tbilisi and Kiev.

The Managing Authority is responsible for the operational and financial management of the four territorial cooperation programmes. In this capacity the Managing Authority prepares and announces calls for proposals, collects and registers project applications, organizes project selection, signs grant contracts and makes payments and supervises the operational and financial implementation of projects selected for financing.

Decisions on the selection of the projects proposed under the calls for proposals are being taken by an Evaluation Committee organized by the Managing Authority and the Joint Decision Making Committees (JDMC).

Joint Decision Making Committees are joint structures established by the participating countries to ensure full ownership of the territorial cooperation programmes. Each participating country nominates representatives from central, regional and local government as well as from civil society organisations to the JDMC. The JDMC defines the priorities of each territorial cooperation programme, decides on the optimal allocation of the programme´s resources to priorities, advises the Managing Authority on the project selection criteria and the guidelines for applicants, confirms the projects selected for financing by the Evaluation Committee and monitors progress towards the objectives of the programme.